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How We Work

What makes us different than the typical design-build firm?

Our job is to design and keep your best interest in mind.  A typical design/build firm will have profit and ease of construction in mind when designing your space and selecting finishes and items for your home.

We flip that around and design first for use, function, and style, then, if needed make edits based on budgetary considerations. That way, you get exactly what you want, and is best suited for your home and lifestyle.

Working with Arise is like hiring a design/build firm where you get to choose your contractor. 

Is working with Arise more expensive? 
No, we provide the best value based on your budget. The industry largely drives construction costs and our role is to add as much possible value to your project working with the budget that would be spent on construction either way.

Our process is tried and true. When followed, your interior design project is successful. It is delivered on time and within the budget, so trust our process and enjoy it! Our process is what makes us one of San Diego's best interior design firms

We’re here to answer any questions you have.

Phases of the Interior Design Process

1) Communicating Your Vision

We want to hear all about your goals for the project. What do you love about your home, and what does not work? Is there a style you’d love to aim towards?

2) Determine Your Budget

In the first meetings with Arise Interiors, we can help you craft a budget that aligns with your goals. Knowing what you'd like to spend on transforming your space can help your designer best support your vision.

3) Design Collaboration

Designing your space is a collaborative process. However, you have to trust the designer. Our job is to narrow the thousands of options down to those that suit the functionality, your design style, and your budget.

4) Bringing Concepts to Life

We help manage the project through to completion, making sure each area, item, and feature is completed to a standard fitting of the project. We coordinate and communicate design intent with each of subcontractor, builder, and installer.

A Proven Record of Success

Our process is tried and true. When followed, your interior design project is successful. It is delivered on time and within the budget, so trust our process and enjoy it! We’re here to answer any questions you have. Contact us to discuss your project. We’re happy to schedule a phone consultation with you.

Design Glossary

Design Deadlines

To stay on schedule, approving any presented plans and materials quickly helps a lot. We aim for 3 days. Besides keeping the project on schedule, we have learned through experience that delaying design decisions does not lead to better choices. In many cases, it can lead to more indecision. Trust yourself and your vision in this process. We have only the best intentions for the outcome of your interior design project in mind.

Making Interior Design Choices

The designer’s job is to cure your option fatigue by narrowing things down to a few choices for each selection you have to make. One of the benefits of working with an experienced designer is their ability to understand your taste and preferences, so you can trust that when your designers narrows the scope of options, you'll have the expert guidance to make the right choice to bring your vision to life.

The selecitons you are shown come from looking at hundreds of options that have been sourced through years of experience and research.

Quality Options

Working with a designer gives you access to options that are not available to the public, or come with insane price tags. Working through our trade and wholesale account you’ll be presenting with options that won’t be available and are vetted and tested for quaintly and style.

Understanding The Concept Phase

The concept phase is the inspiration and ideas portion of the interior design project. This is where we establish the feeling and mood of the project. We provide layout and spaceplanning options, sharing the benefits of each. We choose a color palette, textures and finishes and identify the style aesthetic of the project. Typically in this phase we are picking the best pieces of each concept in order to create a design that speaks to you and works for your lifestyle. This will become the roadmap to follow for the design phase.

What To Do During The Design Phase

In the design phase, we present all of the specific materials, finishes and furnishing options. At this juncture, you will choose between the options we present. Your choices will help us finalize your budget so we can continue to move forward and finish your interior design project efficiently.

Construction and Installation

There can be some downtime here.  The excitement of selecting finishes, choosing options and envisioning a whole new space has past and things can get dusty, noisy and less fun.  We are here to help the process go smoothly and stay on track. Having an experienced team in your corner can help move through this process and mitigate the larger problems that sometimes occur with a construction project.

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