Interior ARchitecture

Synthesis of architecture, decor and function are all intimately tied to the unique spirit of each client.

When the needs of a project go beyond the furnishing and decoration of an interior such as moving walls, or opening up a floor plan the architecture of the interior must be addressed. Gaining space for a kitchen that is too small or adding square footage can be reasons to include this level of planning.  When needed, we partner with structural engineers, builders, or architects to match the scale of a project.

INterior Layout & Space Planning

When enhanced functionality is needed, a new space plan exploration is warranted. More space, better flow or unused space often cause the need for this.

We take the time to understand your goals, budget, and desires for how your space should function and present ideas and options to satisfy all of your concerns. Project often include

  • Additions
  • Open floor plan designs
  • Kitchen or Master Bath Remodels

Our Workflow:

Design Strategy

The first step of any project is to have a discovery meeting about what you are looking for in a new space. It is essential for us to learn about your wishlist as well as what functions you need out of your space and where things are lacking. We might need to consider how much space is needed in each area to accomplish your goals and we need to get a feel for your personal style and taste so we can make the right recommendations. Once we have a good foundation of information, we will move into the conceptual phase of design.

Concept Design

In this phase, we will sketch and plan ways to best utilize the home’s space. These drafts of design plans will include the general layout of the interior architecture, as well as the wall placement, some structural accents, cabinetry, and the layout of furnishings. We present these concepts to help you visualize what the space could look like and how things could flow once completed. At this time we also put together a budget and work with builders to estimate the project cost based on the winning concept(s).

Developed Design

Once we’ve refined your layout and created a functional plan to move forward, we’ll get into the details and specifications. This may include cabinetry, wall details, windows, custom kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, surface, paint, and so on. We work with structural engineers and permitting services to create architectural drawings and provide our specifications and details to create a complete set of working drawings that can get permitted and will be executable by a builder. We often coordinate the shopping and buying of building materials, furniture, lighting, and other items to keep things moving forward. When choosing materials we make recommendations based not only on look and feel but also on durability and strength. We use light, color, and textures in a space, to create a functional and beautiful environment that speaks to you. Equally importantly, we oversee the ordering, delivery, and installation of all of these items and coordinate the actual construction process. Maintaining design oversight and keeping an eye on the goal is critical to the success of the project.

Each project is unique and deserves the right attention. With a quick call or email, we can start the discovery process to learn more about your goals and guide you to the right solutions.

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