June 22, 2022

ASID Design Excellence Award Gala 2020

The ASID Virtual Design Excellence Awards and Holiday Gala took place Friday, December 4.

The ASID Virtual Design Excellence Awards and Holiday Gala took place Friday, December 4.

Awards were announced in 23 categories, including residential and commercial design, use of lighting and technology, kitchens, baths, sustainable design, product design and much more.

We’re proud to announce Arise Interiors received awards in 3 categories:

Aging in Place Bathroom1st Place
Residential Space ( < 3500 SQ FT)2nd Place
Large Kitchen2nd Place

Aging in Place/Universal/Accessible Bathroom

1st Place

Vibrant and Clean

Vision – A natural palette peppered with some aqua and green breathes fresh, new life into a re-imagined UTC town home. Choosing materials and finishes that have higher contrast helps make the change from flooring to wall, as well as cabinet to counter, more obvious. Large glass wall tiles make the bathroom seem much larger. The client has a handful of challenges ahead – with dealing with Parkinson and all of its symptoms, so it was all in the details. A modern custom floating vanity allows for walker wheels if needed.  Personal touches like adding a filter faucet at the sink makes his trips to take medicine a bit easier.

Residential Space (< 3500 SQ FT)

2nd Place

Minimal and Courageous

Vision – Large central activity space and natural light all around. The design was passionately centered around making something distinctive, courageous, and functional which were common values shared among the designer and architect as they each began their own entrepreneurial endeavors. A large glazed wall with sliders connects the patio and backyard with the double height great room inside.  The home interior is organized around this central activity space and the skylight-illuminated staircase with perforated steel railings.

Large Kitchen

2nd Place

Classic and Bold

The vision was to open the kitchen, utilizing the entire space, centering the room with a large island and bar seating. The original kitchen was was small and tight, the furniture and decor exuded warm and sophisticated style with mid century elements and unique pieces from around the globe. We opted to incorporate the existing style and include modern fixtures and a pop of color to open up the space.

A word from Traci Taylor

“Virtual award galas are a new thing for everyone, and I’m happy to be involved with a community that adapts to the times and continues to find ways to celebrate quality work. There’s so much time and passion that goes into every project – and ASID knows that hard work deserves to be acknowledged. I had a great time viewing the awards from home and was lucky enough to have friends and family tune in from all around the country. Thank you to the ASID team for putting this together and congrats to all of the SD Interior Designers that participated!”

Pictured to the left – Traci Taylor and husband enjoying a cocktail while watching the Virtual Design Excellence Awards.