June 22, 2022


Jennifer Brown came to me to help her design a new kitchen for her 1953 house in Clairemont. The small kitchen was dark and cramped, and the original cabinetry and fixtures were old and worn out.

Kitchen Wish List

  • A larger open kitchen and dining area to accommodate her growing children
  • An efficient work/cook/dining space
  • A design that reflects her taste and style
  • A separate laundry room
  • All to be done on a budget

Discovering Opportunities 
for Improvement

The kitchen was very small and no doubt needed to expand. The big question was where do we get the space?

  • I created a few design concepts, some that included expanding out into the yard and others using space from the existing garage.
  • After weighing the pros and cons as well as the costs of each scenario, Jen decided that the garage space would be best used for the kitchen expansion.
  • We divided the garage’s space into three sections:

1. One for storage
2. One for a new laundry room
3. One to become part of the new kitchen (more than doubling the existing kitchen’s size)

Transforming The Home

The final result was a fresh modern kitchen with proper space and function as well as a lot of personality. For a family with two kids, this kitchen/dining area offers a central place to gather and eat meals. It also makes daily tasks of cooking and laundry simply more enjoyable.