June 16, 2022

New Art for a Newly Remodeled Home

At Arise Interiors we offer Art Procurement and Placement Services because we believe finding the right art is important.

In the midst of a remodel project, that we designed and provided project oversight for, it became clear that the clients needed support with art selection and placement. We offer solutions for art placement and new art purchases and they were excited to look at what could be done with a few blank walls.


They really love art and design and needed some help finding the right pieces.

  • Talked through their taste and style
  • Looked at what they have chosen to buy already
  • Following a presentation we brought in art from 4 different artists and had a great time
  • One artist came in person for a home show with a few works based on the size and look the client was going for

Art Procurement and Placement Services

Sometimes a home just needs art rehung or moved around a bit. Other times new art is in order. In this case, it was a mixture of both. The clients had some really interesting pieces that they loved and a few others that just needed the right framing to really make them stand out. There were a few spots in the main living areas that were crying out for more impactful works of art that; 1. had to speak the client's taste and style and 2: work with the design.

With the current art rehung and placed correctly and the art reframed a complete looks was forming. After trying and few things out , meeting with Kelsey and learning about her works and process the client bought 4 new pieces, It’s like they have an entire new art collection!

The final result

Having a series of art throughout a home or using a gallery wall can be the perfect way to give the space a cohesive design appearance. There are a couple ways to create an art series, this includes using pieces from the same artist, or things that share a subject or artwork that revolves around a central theme.

Whether you are looking for one specific art piece for your home or expanding an art collection – at Arise Interiors we have the experience to bring your vision to life.


It takes a dream team of amazing clients, galleries, and artists
to complete a successful project.

Artist: Kelsey Overstreet

Artist: Paul Ecke

Artist: Wade Harb

Art Gallery: Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery