December 6, 2022

Hidden Pantries Are The Key To A More Organized Kitchen

We always look at how to best use the available space. Efficiency means everything. A great design means that a kitchen will function well and look great. It has to suit your lifestyle and we can help bring out the best in your space for how you want to use it.

Kitchen organization and layout are one of the most important areas of our design process. Storage is the number one frustration that gets shared with use when talking to a new client about their space. Ease of use is a close second.  The kitchen pantry is an area where we tackle both of these sticking points.

Today, the pantry can mean a single cabinet or a large walk-in closet. The purpose is the same, storage for all the items you need in your kitchen for meal prep, baking, and additional kitchen items.

We’ll take a look at the most common solution for kitchen storage below;

  1. Hidden Pantries (built-in pantry systems)
  2. Walk-in Pantry (when you the room)
  3. Integrated Doors (Seamlessly integrated into your space)

The Hidden Pantry

A roll-out drawer style hidden pantry is great for application where you have enough width

If your home does not have the space to accommodate a dedicated room for the pantry, the game-changer is the hidden pantry cabinet. It an extremely useful tool that takes advantage of space that already exists and probably is not being used effectively. It can also improve the flow of your kitchen, making things that get used often more accessible.  We’ll talk about a “working triangle” in another blog.

A skinny, vertical slide-out pantry, that is built into your kitchen cabinets can dramatically increase storage capacity and allow you to stay better organized.

Better organization means less stress, happier food preparation, and better meals. Am I Right?

Walk-In Pantry

If you have the room to do it a kitchen remodel concept that incorporates a walk-in panty with full doors is a great way to go.  We have even designed pantries with a workstation and a prep sink. Even if you don’t have a full room to dedicate to your pantry a few feet of a blank wall work really well.

Don’t miss an opportunity for additional storage while still maintaining the original look and feel of your kitchen. Even a 12” deep custom kitchen cabinet can ensure you’ve got everything you need right on hand.

Sometimes we’ll create dual-use spaces that combine laundry with the pantry or reclaim an underused coat closet by moving the door to an adjacent wall.

This minimal kitchen has a pull-out integrated into the cabinets and a re-purposed coat closet with roll-outs.

Integrated Doors

For hidden and passthrough walk-in panties. Considering your doors, placement and where storage systems can fit are all a factor here. When it works out though, you can integrate the storage into the cabinetry run and make the space all one design. The doors are designed to coordinate with the adjacent cabinets or to become a focal point of the room.

photo: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Whether you’re a home cook or a self-declared chef you’ll have a unique approach when it comes to the use and looks of your kitchen. When the cookware, tools, and ingredients are tucked away, do you like a minimal look or something cozier and “lived-in”? The key is when it’s time to cook—do we know where everything is? 

Your kitchen should put you in the right frame of mind to want to cook and make your life easier and the time spent on the task enjoyable. It can help you stay focused on the process and required techniques, not scrambling around looking for items.

We can help.