September 22, 2022

The value of quality

It’s not uncommon for people to be unsure about what the costs of professional interior design services are.  More so, they are unsure what they will get for those fees. There is a pretty long list of what quality interior design services can include and that might vary between firms.  We are a full service design studio and you can see all of our services here.  That is just the list of what we do, the most import part is the value those services can provide.

We had an experience recently that revealed some of the value of quality product and quality design have.  In 2008 we designed a kitchen for a client.  She absolutely loved Poggenpohl cabinets.  This is an exceptional line of cabinetry, designed and crafted in Germany.  It really is top of the line. The cabinets are in a price point that is not accessible to some people, our client included.  So, she had bought two different sets of cabinets that were part of displays from different showrooms.  Our job was to make them work together.

Original photo from 2008

We did a pretty good job! You can see a full post here for more images

Here we are back in home, looking at working on the backyard and extending the living space into their outdoor environment.  I was floored, the kitchen looks exactly. Like. We. Left. It.

The cabinetry, the countertops, even the plumbing fixtures look perfect. The staging we did for the photoshoot is mostly the same as well.

The kitchen today (14 years later!)

We have been in a lot of 10+ year old kitchens, mostly to look at fixing things, re-finishing or even completely remodeling them. This seems like pretty strong evidence that quality matters.  The lifespan of about 20 years, but that can go down pretty quickly with poor quality finishes or bad design.

Quality does matter, good design choices matter. It really does pay to work with a professional team that knows their product, had access to quality installers and has the experience to pull of a great job.  Without those things, you might only get a short time with your new space looking great.

If you want to talk more about how to update your space in a way that will last, will work for your desires and lifestyle and what products are the best fit for your budget, reach out.