June 22, 2022

UTC RESIDENCE-Bathroom of the Year

These clients have a high sense of design and have always built their own homes. They just downsized into a typical town home and needed this new space to stand out but also be accommodating of aging in place. They asked Arise Interiors to design their Accessible Master Bath Remodel in San Diego.


A natural palette peppered with some aqua and green breathes fresh, new life into a re-imagined UTC town home. Choosing materials and finishes that have higher contrast helps make the change from flooring to wall, as well as cabinet to counter, more obvious. Large glass wall tiles make the bathroom seem much larger. A flush installation of drywall to tile is easy on the eye while showing the attention to detail.  

Discovering Opportunities 
for Accommodation

The client has a handful of challenges ahead – with dealing with Parkinson and all of its symptoms.

  • We optimized the shower, enlarging it by eliminating the tub and not using a shower door.
  • We were able to do a curb-less shower, reducing the likelihood of falling.
  • We used larger tiles in the bathroom and shower but added the anti slip porcelain.
  • Decorative beams frame the skylights and highlight the architectural quality of the sloped ceiling which now integrates the entire room.
  • We included a built-in seat in the shower and a stand-alone bench on the other side. We used a separate hand shower and easy to grab handles.

It is not often that I get to play with stain-glass, but this existing circular window, that we could NOT change, needed some love. We used a local craftsman that allowed us to design a playful stain-glass piece for the inside of the bathroom window, reminding them of their front door in their custom home years ago.

A modern custom floating vanity allows for walker wheels if needed.  Personal touches like adding a filter faucet at the sink makes his trips to take medicine a bit easier.

The final result

One of my favorite things in design for any project is lighting. Not only can lighting add to the look and feel of the space, but it can also create a safer environment. Installing different types of lighting, including scones on either side of the mirror, recessed can lights both inside and outside of the shower, and LED strip lighting under the floating vanity, keep this modern bathroom current and very functional. Because of the skylight and the round window, light is allowed in to play with the different colors in the glass and the shapes around the room, which created a bright and playful bathroom.